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Monthly Newsletters: "On the Level"
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General Membershp Meetings (GMM): GMM's are held once a month--a great way to network with fellow association members.
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Membership Directory: Available for members. Useful member contact information updated yearly.
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Parade of Homes Plus Remodelers Showcase:
A week long event promoting new housing construction, neighborhoods and remodeling projects.
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Golf Outing: Open to members, employees and their guests.
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BAEC Committees: A group of members whose goal is to provide structure and support that benefits specific programs and events.
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Remodelers Council (BAECR): A group of members dedicated to the remodeling industry.
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Women's Council: Member spouses and any female members of the BAEC make up this Council.
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Home Improvement Show Plus: An event that gives members first opportunity for booth space to display and promote their products and services.
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BAEC Member Services
Educational Seminars: A series of programs addressing specific issues that affect the membership, sponsored by member firms in the association. Free to members and their employees.
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VoterVoice: Use this service for local and State political information and communications.
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BAEC Room Use:
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